Our Story Is A Good One!

It begins in 1944.

At the time, rationing was the American way
of life as the World War II military effort churned through huge amounts of
dairy, meat, sugar, tires, gasoline – and shoes. To guarantee consumers access
to essential products at reasonable prices, the U.S. Office of Price
Administration distributed coupon books that set limits.

leather soles for shoes stacked on a table
metal clasps for shoes in a bin

As a way to cope with the leather shortages, Walter Hoy started cobbling sandals using scrap materials from a military boot factory. One of Hoy’s first creations was a pair for his daughter, Margery.

Word spread, and before long, families from all over St. Louis were asking if Hoy could make sandals for their kids.

Machine for crafting shoes with a sandal in place ready to be finished.

Today, Hoy Shoe Co crafts sandals for all ages from high-quality, water-resistant leather for sand, sea and shore.

Salt Water and Sun-San sandals are now American classics worn by
fashion-forward people around the world.