Salt Water Original Shiny Pink - Toddler

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**Sizing Note**

Salt-Water sandals in kid’s sizes tend to run one size larger (i.e. a typical child size 9 would order a child size 8 in Salt-Water) For best results, use our size chart found above to determine the correct size.

The Salt Water Original sandal, the first to debut from Walter Hoy’s workshop in 1944, is defined by its hand-stitched, non-slip, molded rubber sole and scuff-resistant, water-friendly genuine leather upper. They clean up easily, come with rust-proof brass buckles and are made for in-and-out-of-water wear. Available in adult and children’s sizes, this timeless style is popular among celebrities and fashionistas.

  • Genuine leather upper
  • Genuine leather insole
  • Rust-proof buckles
  • Water-friendly
  • Hand-assembled and stitched
  • Non-slip molded TPR (ThermoPlastic Rubber) sole
  • Recyclable with excellent durability
  • Cleans easily with mild detergent and water
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What is my sandal size?

If you have trouble figuring out your correct size, please visit our size charts linked on each product page. Salt Water® manufactures under HOYWAY (unisex) sizing, therefore we have converted all sizes in Adult to reflect traditional US Women's Sizing. 

How do I tell if my sandals are authentic Salt Water® or Sun-San® sandals?

Slight variations in our sandals are common due to the nature of them being hand made. Our molds and dyes vary slightly from each of the factories and machinery as well. Rest assured knowing all the same high-quality materials are used in all factories as to ensure the best quality and durability in our sandals.

To be certain your sandals are authentic to Hoy Shoe Co, here are some key components to look for: “Hoyway” is stamped on the bottom of every sole with the size in the center; most styles (not all) include the brand name embossed into the leather of the upper straps; silver or gold leaf is used to stamp the style or brand onto the insole; a lot number is stamped in black lettering on the inside of the back ankle strap.

If you are still unsure that your sandals are authentic, please email pictures to and we will be happy to look at them for you.  

Are these sandals truly made of leather, and if so, how are they able to get wet?

We laminate a poly-urethane film on one side to give it color and help the leather hold its shape.  We also use high-quality genuine bovine (cow) leathers that can get wet without losing integrity. The leather will absorb the water, but as it dries, it will conform to your foot giving you an awesome fit– so we encourage you to get them wet!

How should I care/clean my sandals?

To care for your sandals, simply hand-wash them with a gentle detergent and cool water and leave to air dry. Do not leave in direct sunlight. Once dry, always store your sandals at room temperature. Avoid warm, high humid areas, such as the attic.

My sandals fit tight and are rubbing, what should I do?

Should a blister or sore spot occur on the foot, we suggest that the sandals be dampened with water then be worn while they are wet. This will allow the leather to conform to the foot. Always let the sandals air dry. Sandals should not be oversized when fitted.

Where are the "big kid" sizes?

We have converted our big kid sizes to US Women's sizes. US Women's sizes are +2 from kids sizes. Should you need a kid's 4, this is equivalent to a US Woman's 6. A kid's 5 is the same as a US Woman's 7. Check the size chart per each product page for further measurements.

Where is the US Woman's size 5?

Please shop in the little kid's collection. The kid's size 3 is equivalent to the US Woman's 5. 

What is my Salt Water size?

Adult Salt Water sandal sizes differ than traditional US Women's sizing. We have converted all our Salt Water sizing to US Women's sizing on the website. Salt Water sandals are manufactured in unisex sizing, and stamped on the sole as such. US Women's sizing is +2 from unisex sizing. So a Salt Water sandal stamped with a 6 is equivalent to a US Women's 8. The shoe box label will read 6/W8. Check the size chart per each product page for further measurements.

Do you offer gift cards?

At this time, we do not offer gift certificates or gift receipts.

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